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Total 251 units of blood donated on 13 March 2016.
Donations were made at college dispensary and college ground.
On 2 August 2015 40 units of blood is donated at sai mandir
Awareness of blood donation is done across the sindri
Blood is given to 4 needy person.
In the last Blood donation camp at B.I.T. Sindri Campus 311 units Blood donated by BITians
99 units of blood donated .
* Donated more than 300 units of blood in a single day camp.
* More than 500 units of blood donated in a year.
*All requested needs of blood are successfully provided.
* In the year 2013 Blood Donation Camp 99 units of blood was donated in the month of October .
* In the year 2013 Blood Donation Camp 99 units of blood was donated in the month of October .
*   After that 27 units blood was donated outside BIT campus to aware the people near by college campus to participate in Blood Donation.
* last year total no. of donation was 108 But this time the figure increased tremendously and collected a total of 126 units. This figure would have been more as many other interested persons could not donte their blood due to unavailability of blood bag.
   about us
PRAYAAS INDIA is the shape given to efforts of the students of B.I.T. Sindri, Dhanbad who thought of the humanitarian aspects nuturing in thier minds.

It came into existence on April 10, 2008, starting with 10 volunteers. At present Prayaas is run efficiently by the help of 70 volunteers and their initiatives reach to about 135 unprivileged children. Presently, Prayaas is by self contribution of the volunteers and voluntary donations of other BITians.The volunteer allocate their spare time in evening to teach children

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