Prayaas India » Open a new Prayaas India center nearby your vicinity

“It's easy to start a new Prayaas India Center in your vicinity”!

  • If you are a college student and there is a slum or village near your college then you can start a center.
  • First what you need to do is to survey the slum area and gather information like where children are studying, how many children are still not going to school or are going to private schools, parents average income, drop- out rate , infra structure at their home etc.
  • Form a team in your college with like-minded people and who want to work for this noble cause. You can start with a small group of five to ten people and later expand by telling others. After a successful start up many volunteers will join and a large team will be formed.
  • Now Search for funding sources.
  • Take a building on rent. (Try to take a building of minimum three rooms with enough space) and arrange other necessary commodities required to teach like black board, electricity, carpet, chalk (Marker), etc.
  • Inaugurate the center with a maximum of 30-40 slum children so that the center can be run smoothly for first few months.
  • Start teaching them and make them able to be admitted in school in a year.
  • Prepare a weekly schedule of volunteers.
  • There must be weekly inspection of progress of children.
  • Initially they may be absent, but keep on going to their homes and fetch them to center. Within few weeks they will be regular.
  • In order to avail them books and space to study in night, a library can be established in slum or village itself.
  • Arrange a caretaker who will manage the library.
  • Now you can take sponsorship from your college alumni, community people or from businessmen who are philanthropist in nature.
  • In this way you can start a new Ptayaas India center.
  • For any detail, help or further assistance, you may call us at 7739182241 (Shashank kumar)