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Frequently Asked Questions

Prayaas India is a Non-Governmental Organisation providing free and high quality education to underprivileged children living in slums and villages near college campus. It also provides books and copies and other required material to needy ones.
Inductions are done for voulentiers every year in the first year for regular students and in 2nd year for Diploma to Degree student. We just look for devotion to work for the poor. You can also join Prayaas India as Sponsor, as Donar, as Supporter. For more details contact us at [email protected]
No, It doesn't affect our studies. Our NGO runs in evening when most of do not study. Most of our voulentiers are rank holders in their respective branch and our alumni are well placed.
Most of the funds come through generous contributions and support extended by students of BIT Sindri. And also through the the generous contributions of alumni of Prayaas India.
Prayaas India has a mission to establish shining India in prominent colleges and varsities across the country.This can be realized by providing them quality education, vocational training and healthcare.
Unless you specify which project(s) you wish the money to go to, Prayaas India will put your donation in a general fund for either the child education program or other projects such as eklavya and infrastucture.
No. All voulentiers are students of BIT Sindri. Despite our heavy academic commitments, we donate our time and energy because we strongly believe that together we can make a real difference to improve the life of children and society.
Prayaas India is led by students of Bit Sindri and being a certified NGO, Prayaas India has a well organized, structured composition that has various groups to take care of several core areas of functioning. These include Academic, Exams, Public Relations, Maintenance and others.
At present we have 500 students studying in class 0 to 12 and 150 dedicated voulentiers.
As most of our students are from government school, the language which we use is hindi. We follow JAC board. For students studying CBSE boards we have separate classes
Please take some time to browse this website and do not hesitate to contact us if you still have questions.
You may get our contact information from here
For any queries and feedback mail us to: [email protected]