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Our Story

A nation can never develop only by the resources and technology. It develops in real manner when education is in reach of everyone, when spark of learning is ignited in heart of every child. Each of them is inspired to a new level of thinking about who they are, they have ability to change their lives. They can also present themselves more effectively and successfully in front of the world.

This is what Prayaas India does. Prayaas India has been working in this field for 11 years. It is a non-government organisation providing free and high-quality education to the underprivileged children living in slums and villages near college campus.

To complete this mission of educate India we believe in 5 ā€˜Pā€™

  1. Purpose
  2. Planning
  3. Perseverance
  4. Passion
  5. Pride

But how did this heart touching story of Prayaas begin?

During initial days of this noble journey volunteers used to meet people in villages. They used to observe the peoples and children around the college. They found that educational quality was highly insufficient. They decided to go further and carry out survey in nearby areas. The reality was that people were quite ignorant in this regard. They could not understand the shear importance of education in the upliftment of society. That was When the impassioned thought of providing free quality education to the nearby children came to their mind.

The foundation of Prayaas India was laid by Chandan Chaman sir and Gajendra sir of 2k5 batch of mining engineering. It was further expanded under the leadership of students of 2k7, 2k8, 2k9 and 2k10 batch. On the ground of Arya Samaj known as Centre -1 classes were started. Initially there were 10 volunteers and 25 students but this number increased day by day.

As we know every initiative have to face roadblocks and potholes whether small or big. The same happened to Prayaas as well. The number of enrolments was huge while funding remained negligible. To raise funds Prayaas India members even gathered newspaper and sold them but this did not generate enough for the needs of NGO. Then they got the idea of monthly collection. Every student of BIT donates 10 rupees every month in order to run this NGO.

Collecting funds was not the only obstacle. Recognition by the society to do a social work was also a huge challenge. Prayaas India had already crossed this hurdle and the biggest indicator of our success was the increasing number of students and the believe of parents on Prayaas India. Now, another challenge was waiting for us with growing number of children, we needed a new place to work. We found a building (Blind School) at Domgarh. But the condition of building was abominable. The rooms were filled with cow dunk up to knees. Due to the relentless efforts of Sitaram Sir of addressing local issues and readjustment of the new place, Prayaas India's centre- 3 was launched in 2011 at the Blind school Domgarh. Today Prayaas India has four centres-

  1. Centre- 1 Arya Samajh
  2. Centre-2 DAV Tasra school
  3. Center-3 Blind school Domgrah
  4. Centre-4 Ambedkar Nagar near Sindri station

This story had begun with twenty - five students but now more than 500 students are associated to it.

As we know, only studies will not lead to all - round development of children. Our main objective is not only to provide good education to underprivileged children but also to provide them a platform to showcase their talents. Our annual function RAINBOW is a great step in this direction.

Numerous problems, innumerable challenges but we are marching along the path whose name is Prayaas. What is that force which continuously inspires us. It is a simple love, respect and regard from the children. Their success gives us the energy to keep moving forward. A smile on little faces fills our heart with joy.